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3C S.r.l. - Curved plywood products made of beech multilayers3C S.r.l. - Curved plywood

curved plywood shellseats

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Curved plywood 3c s.p.a.

3C S.r.l. is leading manufacturer in Italy as well as in Europe of plywood curved products made of beech multilayers, mainly destined to the varnishing such as:

  • seats
  • backs
  • shellseats and other curved products

Founded in 1973, from January 1st 1996 3C S.r.l. incorporated in Panceri S.r.l., active in the sector since 1947. The experience acquired through the years, the professional competence of the whole staff, the highly advanced technology allow us to be valid interlocutors of architects and interior designers.

Remarkable investments made in the recent years allow 3C S.r.l., always as concrete as possible, to apply to the new markets in Europe and worldwide.

What you sell, makes the difference!

An always larger number of consumers wishes all economic as well as manufacturing activities to be made in respect of the environment. FSC® Certificate offers to wooden products buyers, the guarantee, clear and immediate, to support a sustainable management of forests.

This the reason why 3C started and successfully completed, the long process to achieve the FSC certificate.

What you sell, makes the difference: a challenge for the whole timber sector.
FSC – grants  a forest management, environment friendly, socially useful,  economically sustainable.

More and more attention is given throughout Europe to timber trade, actually regulation UE 995/2010 (Timber Regulation) aims to avoid illegal timber import; at this regard 3C started to use the “due diligence system” within its own organization, this means that 3C as “actor” is charged, according to the norm, with detailed controls, periodically operated.


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